Our Executive Chef

Executive Chef Silvia Laferrière.

A little history about the executive chef Silvia Laferrière.

Silvia is co-owner and Chef of Villa del Sueño Restaurant, her career started 25 years ago here in Playa Hermosa Costa Rica.

A self taught chef, Silvia’s passion for cooking inspired the need to run her own restaurant. At a young age she learned from her Italian grandmother,her mother and father, the importance of cooking from scratch fresh ingredients and the skills of combining flavours and textures.With time she specialized and refined her own style taking Italian home-made cuisine crossing it over to a Feelgood Mediterranean Menu.

She also learned the very important know-how of choosing the right people to accomplish all the details that are needed to operate a fine dining kitchen and secure the contacts necessary to supply her team with the right ingredients to maintain a high standard of quality since her debut.

Most of the menu is composed of signature dishes and cannot be found anywhere else.That’s the main reason she receives so many good reviews from customers and praise from acclaimed Costarican Chef Rafael on his T.V. show a Fuego Lento.

In 2020 Chef Silvia and her team will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Villa del Sueño Restaurant ,if you come to Playa Hermosa on vacation do yourself a favour and come experience our signature dishes .(Filet Mignon Three Peppercorn sauce, Mahi Mahi in Shrimp sauce, Pasta Roberto, Mediterranean Shrimp.)

And please, treat yourself with Profiteroles ,Tarte Tatin, Frozen Passion Fruit Mousse or Crème Brulée with home made Biscotti to end your dinner.